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With over 50 years in the tyre industry, we’ve crafted the most efficient process to get your tyres to you

01. Enter your vehicle’s details

Search with your Reg Number or your Tyre Size

02. Book a fitting date that suits you

Choose your time slot & date on our built-in calendar

03. Our Technicians come out to you

Sit back & relax our  friendly fitters will make their way to you

At TyreCare, we understand that your tyres are a priority, however, it is not always convenient to get into a quality tyre dealer. Whether you need a budget tyre for a run around, performance tyre replacement or if you are a company or fleet, relax and let TyreCare take the strain. Click the link below and see the breadth of our fitters travel to.



How can I maintain my motorcycle tyres?

Regular checks both visual and regular checks of the tyre pressures

Better still pop in regularly to our Dentons Green branch and one of our specialist technicians will check them over for you.

Tell tale signs are a lack of grip through corners and braking ability.

Tyre age is another problem as the tread may be ok, but a perishing on the sidewall can ultimately cause a blowout.

Other signs to look out for:
- Uneven wear
- Bulges in the tyre wall
- Cracks in the rubber

Uneven tyre wear can also lead to the car "pulling " to one side or another 

The legal minimum tyre tread is 1.6mm but it is recommended to change tyres at 3mm.

Under this 3mm tyre tread there is a significant impact on performance of both grip & braking distances. You can either check yourself or pop into a specialist tyre fitting centre who will usually be happy to provide a free inspection.

Either call us on the phone or alternatively enter your registration number into the tyre booking system & it will let you know what the options are - you can then check against the numbers embossed on the outside wall of your tyre.


The tyre sizes are always embossed onto the sidewall of every tyre and will show as a series of numbers and letters eg;

205 55 R16 91v - the first sequence 205  55  15 determine the tyre size and the last numbers & letters determine the reccomended speed rating for that tyre.

You can always pop in & one of our technicians will carry out a free visual inspection & confirm your tyre size or alternatively check your owners manual for details.

We have for many years invested strongly in equipping our mobile fleet of vans with all the equipment needed to provide professional tyre replacement at your home, place of work or at the roadside.

Simply enter your registration number into the online booking system or call us on the phone to discuss what you need & then sit back and relax & let us do the work.

Convenient, efficient & great value.

Incorrect tyre pressure can have serious consequences for your safety as well as potentially costing you a lot more to run your vehicle. 

Incorrect tyre pressure can lead to:

  • Poor handling & cornering - car pulling to one side or another
  • Loss of control under braking - car veering to one side or another
  • Excess wear & tear - tyres wearing out faster 
  • Decreased fuel efficiency

For advice call a member of the team on 01744 27214 or by email at tyrecare@aol.com